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Welcome to TTC Enterprises & Opulent Designs: Your Ultimate Destination for Interior Design and Realty

Founded in 2003, TTC Enterprises, LLC / Opulent Designs stands as a beacon of unmatched interior design expertise in Hampton, VA, and beyond. For over 20 years, we’ve been more than just an interior design company; we’ve been pillars for families and businesses, transforming both residential and commercial spaces, and guiding them into their next chapters of life.

But, why stop at just the interiors?

Toni Chavis is our beating heart. She is an accomplished Home Improvement Specialist, an Interior Design Graduate, and a Licensed Realtor. With Toni’s multifaceted skills, we’re positioned to offer something unique: the ability to not just design your space but to help you find it too.

Founder Toni Chavis Of TTC Enterprises LLC Hampton VA

Why Choose TTC Enterprises / Opulent Designs?

  • Realtor Expertise: Toni’s in-depth understanding of the real estate market ensures you get properties with unseen potential and the best deals.
  • Visionary Design: Our legacy in design ensures every space we touch becomes an embodiment of our client’s aspirations.
  • 203 K Mastery: Dive into the dynamic real estate market with confidence. Using the 203 K mortgage renovation loan, Toni will guide you from finding properties with potential to crafting them into dream homes.
  • Transformative Results: Our commitment is to transform every project, ensuring it becomes a testament to your unique taste and style.

Remember, your home is more than bricks and mortar; it’s a canvas. At TTC Enterprises & Opulent Designs, we believe in “Designing for the Way You Live”. Don’t let mere imperfections deter your dream. Explore with us, and let’s turn potential into palpable reality.

Contact us today for a transformative journey of creativity, design, and ownership.

Meet Our Visionary, Toni Chavis

Home Improvement Specialist | Interior Design Graduate | Project Manager | Realtor | Veteran | Entrepreneur | Author | Prolific Speaker | Business Coach | Health & Wellness

Toni Chavis is the dynamic force behind TTC Enterprises, LLC / Opulent Designs. As a retired Air Force veteran, Toni leverages her extensive management experience, comprehensive education, and unwavering passion for design to provide exemplary interior design and home renovation services.


Toni’s impressive academic credentials include Associate Degrees in Telecommunications and Adult Workforce Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Workforce Education and Development, and a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also holds a Virginia Realtor’s license with Swell Real Estate, bringing an added layer of expertise to her remodeling projects.

Her career in the Air Force nurtured her innate talents in management, planning, organization, project coordination, logistics, vendor sourcing, materials management, job cost analysis, budget control, and network management. This diverse skill set, coupled with her ability to seamlessly liaise between military and civilian communities, has been instrumental in the success of TTC Enterprises.


After 22 years of honorable service, Toni and her husband, Charles, established TTC Home Improvement and Design Service. Their shared goal was to create a business that helps clients realize their dream homes through meticulous remodeling and innovative design. Today, after more than 19 years, TTC continues to transform homes on the peninsula, driven by Toni’s unyielding commitment to her clients and her craft.

Toni’s love for design and understanding of the real estate market, honed during her time in the military, fuels her creativity and enhances her ability to deliver stunning kitchen and bathroom remodels. Her insight into what makes a house truly beautiful enables her to share invaluable advice with her clients, whether they are embarking on a remodel or a home refresh.


Toni is not just a successful businesswoman but also a community advocate, serving on various boards and organizations focused on community service. She is a board member of the Lackey Free Clinic, York County Citizens Advisory Council, former President of the York County Chamber of Commerce, and a past President of the York/Poquoson Social Services Board, among other roles. She is a mentor, an influencer, and an author, with a fervor for making a difference in the community where she lives and works.

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Achieve Your Goals With Our Help

Toni Chavis is not just building homes; she’s crafting legacies, nurturing dreams, and transforming spaces into sanctuaries. With TTC Enterprises, it’s not just about design; it’s about a journey to a dream home led by a seasoned guide with a passion for bringing those dreams to life.

Visit the links below to learn more about Toni’s causes:

  1. Chamber of Commerce
  2. Lackey Free Clinic
  3. Social Butterflies Foundation
  4. Courageous Woman Rise Up Coaching program
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Empowering Excellence

Core Values We Live By



At TTC Enterprises, we believe in honest, transparent dealings. Our clients trust us because we honor our commitments and stand by our work.



We thrive on creativity. Our interior design and home renovation services consistently break new ground, pushing the envelope to deliver unique, cutting-edge designs.

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Our clients are our priority. We endeavor to provide exceptional service, ensuring our customers' visions are realized, their budgets respected, and their satisfaction guaranteed.

Financing Options for Your Convenience

Embarking on your dream architectural or interior design project has never been easier! We take pride in offering financing options that cater to your unique needs. Through our collaboration with Hearth Financing, you can confidently begin transforming your space into the one you’ve always envisioned. Our agreement with Hearth Financing ensures that you have access to hassle-free financing solutions, making your home improvement dreams a reality. Let us bring your vision to life while providing you with the financial convenience you deserve.

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