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New Collections: Decor and More

Level up your interior aesthetics with our home décor range. Whether you've moved into a new home or want to breathe new life into your existing living space, our collection covers every room in the house.

TTC / Opulent Designs is releasing another new collection for the home. Whether your preferred style is minimalistic or bold, we've got something to suit every taste in our home décor range.


Check out some of our decors below.

Add a personal flair to your office space with our Silver Dyson Sphere designed by Eichholtz. The Eichholtz Melville desk accessory comes in a set of 2. This desk accessory will give your interior an elegant touch due to its beautiful form.

Gray Crystal Glass Bowl is a distinctive presentation piece. This decorative hexagonal bowl will bring sophisticated style to your décor without overwhelming your aesthetic. Made of high-quality crystal glass, it features a graduated color scheme that shifts from clear to deep grey.

Display some girl power at your home or office with Milo Statue. It is a monumental female bust with the spirit and presence you might find in works by Aristide Maillol, Auguste Rodin, or its namesake Venus de Milo in the Louvre.

The Tivoli statue is a mature Japanese Maple bonsai in the windblown, Fukinagashi style. Bonsais are a Japanese art form admired for their bent on the gardener's design over many years. They are also admired for the qualities of simplicity, deliberate imperfection, and respect for nature.

This handcrafted, sculptural fireplace screen with scattered brass discs mounted on brass rods supported by a black iron base will enhance any hearth or entrance hall credenza.

If you don't see something that peaks your interest, send us a private message, and we will set up a personal consultation and create a small collection just for you!

Please call our office at 757-867-8904 to schedule an appointment today!

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